Shrew's Nest movie plot

2022-07-18 22:19
With the death of her mother and the disappearance of her father, the devout Christian Rosie (Macarena Gómez) and her sister Nina (Nadia de Santiago) live a life of mutual dependence. Suffering from agoraphobia and severe mental breakdown, Rosie was unable to step out of the house and had to rely on morphine to relieve her extreme physical and mental discomfort. And the slender Nina began to make Rosie gradually feel a kind of panic that her sister would abandon her.
One day, Carlos (Hugo Silva), a strange man with a leg injury, knocked on the door of Rosie's house. With a half push, Rosie accepted Carlos and let Carlos in. He was recuperating in bed and took good care of him every day. With the passage of time, the personable Carlos made Rosie feel the sweetness and warmth of love for the first time. In order to keep Carlos by her side, Rosie began to tell lies one after another. When the development of the situation was beyond Rosie's control, she showed a persistent and crazy side.
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