Undertow evaluation action

2022-07-14 22:31
Centered on Miguel, the film poetically shows how the issue of homosexuality can lurk, emerge, conflict and change in a closed, conservative space of cultural convention. More important, however, is to show how Eros affirms its own free nature in the midst of tensions and achieves a loyalty that transcends identity.
A funeral is arranged at the beginning and end of the movie. The former one needs to be buried for a man who is related to Miguel; the latter one needs to be buried for his gay lover Santiago. If the former funeral showed the village's own cultural customs and order, the latter one meant a change in that order. The story takes place between two funerals, as Miguel struggles to find a balance between custom and eroticism. The story is generally smooth and serene, not surprising, but one unique highlight is the surreal setting of Santiago's posthumous "ghost" imagery   .
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