Undertow movie plot

2022-07-14 20:09
Miguel lives in a remote and backward fishing village in South America. This fishing village is very repulsive to foreign things because of backwardness and religious beliefs. Miguel is married, and his wife is seven months pregnant. Behind this calm and boring, there is a hidden secret. Miguel falls in love with Santiago, a painter who came to the fishing village to sketch. In this fishing village, Santiago is isolated from the whole village because of his maverick and abnormal sexual orientation. Miguel had to meet Santiago on a date in the cave. Santiago wants to have a relationship with Miguel, Miguel firmly refuses, he doesn't even allow Santiago to greet him in public. Miguel can only accept two people making out in a deserted cave or a deserted coast. Santiago was in so much pain that he was killed in a trip to the sea, and his body fell into the sea.
Santiago's soul returns to the fishing village, and he asks Miguel to find his body and hold a funeral so that the soul can be reincarnated. Miguel agreed to Santiago's request. Miguel suddenly found that he was the only one in the fishing village who could see Santiago, so Santiago became Miguel's invisible lover. Miguel was overjoyed that he could finally date Santiago openly. He could hold hands with Santiago on the street with confidence, and he could sit next to his wife and watch TV with Santiago. Santlago could only be accompanied by Miguel. He asked about the corpse. Miguel lied and said that he had not found it. In fact, he had already found Santjago's corpse, but he didn't want Santlago's soul to leave him early. Miguel's gay identity is revealed in the tavern, and in this conservative fishing village, everyone starts talking about Miguel. This made him dread the face of falling in love with the same sex. In the end, Miguel couldn't resist the pressure in his heart and came out to his wife. The wife left his village with the child and found Santiago's body. Miguel decided to take Santiago's body out to sea, put him in the deep sea, and let him Rest in peace, but this behavior is tantamount to admitting an abnormal relationship. But Miguel has no hesitation. He loves Santiago. It was only at the end that he realized that he could give up everything for Santiago. Unfortunately, he didn't cherish it when he could, but now he can at least give him one last wish and not let Santiago go. Can't understand. Finally, Miguel let go, and the spirit of Santiago appeared, gave him one last deep kiss, and disappeared over the sea   .
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