to love or not to love

Doug 2022-09-30 10:50:58

I love you, so I go forward, destroy my cowardice, be a warrior, meet your destiny Low score, forget my own nature, even believe that I can overcome the shortcomings of all human beings, stand firm, never change
I love you, my love wants eternity Want to see you, whether it's cardamom or old age, or I can believe that the day your love leaves, I will use my love to make your night, let you bear or let you remember me, love you, choose to leave the world when you leave,
I love you, inexplicably Walking into the dark territory, feeling uneasy, not because of guessing, not because of you, but because of our encounter, in addition to love, there are also gains and losses.
Love is not a sweet sunny day, love is a chaotic reality, there is no correct solution, like The labyrinth, falling in love is wrong, not loving and wrong, the starlight that people who are in a dilemma look up at in the dark night is somewhat of a really reliable light. Blame it for bringing people yearning and hope. It pretends to be faith, describes vagueness as clarity, and describes pain as happiness. It unconditionally invites people to approach, and scars cross people's footprints. How much is abandoned for it, even if you run. , holding hands, running through everything, panting, and hesitating at the end, is the starlight in front of you really bright? If you believe it, will you be betrayed, will you be condemned, and will you once again bear a heavy and serious ending. So tired, it's better not to. So turn around, so leave.

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