loneliness in love

Jamir 2022-09-18 14:05:14

Walking in the crowd of people after school, it seems that I can't feel my existence. I put my eyes in the sky, and I saw a crowd of people, no matter how I looked, I couldn't see myself, as if I was submerged, as if I was irrelevant to this world.

A film that is close to a black and white film, the rare colors in it are impossible to stimulate the human beings who sing and dance. The arrival of Juni made the school more noisy, more suspicious, and more tragic. She is a woman with lonely eyes. She is sensitive and fragile. When she tried to avoid the protection of this world, she did not know that her eyes had captured many people, and she fell into the quagmire with her. With the sound of "Peng", Scattered on the ground was the blood of a man who loved her very much.

In this movie, love is complicated.
There is betrayal, there is escape, there is love.
There is heterosexuality, there is homosexuality, there is homosexual betrayal of heterosexuality.

I didn't see a happy ending. When I was thinking about betrayal of love, I felt like I was on a high-rise building. The sense of distance below made me feel dizzy. My legs were shaking all the time. Dive down. Some people regard love as a game, and play it up and down like kicking a soda can on the ground. It doesn't matter, it really doesn't matter. And some people regard love as another interpretation of life, either life or death, there is no third way. What we want is very simple, what we know is very clear, we just want a simple love, a clear love, no need to beat around the bush, one way to the end, happiness will come.

I keep thinking, who is the "beautiful person" this movie talks about?
Is it Juni? I can't imagine. A woman who can give her body to a man she doesn't love. Even for true love, I can't connect her with beauty. Love is not as complicated as you think. If you don't like it, leave, and if you like it, love.
The man who jumped to his death? Not worth mentioning, dying for love is too cowardly.
That young and handsome teacher? What the hell is he, I have never understood. I was with so many women before, but now I tell Junie that this is true love. I see the lies behind the men telling beautiful women.
The only thing that is absolutely beautiful to me is Junie's lonely eyes, but it's not a human being, it's just an eye. Perhaps, the eye is much more beautiful than a human being.

While writing these things, I kept rewinding the music before the man jumped off the building. It was painful to hear. I still can't figure it out.

What exactly is love?

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