Am I the only one who gives 5 points as a nerd?

Jasmin 2022-08-19 06:52:13

From Quanba 1 to Tom Yum Kung 1, I have always liked Tony Jia~

Jia Gongzi's bad movies will be shot. After Tom Yum Kung 1, the Quanba crossing series is the same as shit. Seriously suspect that Jia Gongzi had indigestion from Jet Li's "Huo Yuanjia" to produce these things.

This movie is back on track. The wretched little criminal policeman, the young martial arts youth who loves elephants, the gangsters who are bullied by Niubi—the original ones are back, which is gratifying.

Martial arts film, the picture is sour, fresh and spicy, just exciting.
~~Sometimes I also eat meat and eat Tom Yum Kung noodles, Tom Yum Kung hot pot. That's the taste.

After high school, in order to keep fit, I have learned several kung fu disciplines, and there are 5 tao uniforms.
Take a look at the designed moves, think about it, after the stimulation, I made some money haha

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