God's continuation

Camryn 2022-09-27 08:10:11

To be honest, although you think the sequel 0 is not as good as the previous one, you still have to admit that it is still a masterpiece, with an average of 9.3 in the two seasons, and it is also well on the Internet. This is enough to show that this is a masterpiece. The dynamic of the previous work is wrong. It is not the 10th episode of the previous work, but the 8th episode of this season. The complete magic change, but this magic change is textbook level, aside from what blood is blue, a group of people With a gun, you can't catch two people who are slow to escape. Its plot is undoubtedly meticulous. After watching the previous work and watching the sequel directly, I will feel that this season has become so procrastinated, but This will not affect episodes 20 and 21 as myths. You can think that the plot will not break out until episode 18, but you can't say that the first 17 episodes are useless. I have finally made clear about the time travel. The video that Taro sent back to his past self is really not too handsome. The failure at the end of episode 21 really gave me a huge impact, and ed was also inserted by God. 8 episodes β return to α and then β again, I once again saw the love between the hero and the heroine, Amadeus is an important system of the whole plot, and finally saying goodbye to Amadeus can be said to be touching, in 21 episodes Gang Lun jumped 3000 times and returned to 2025 for another super. The handsome run back to 2011 made me see Gang Lun's persistence in trying to save everyone. Even for two seasons, the world line of Steins;Gate still hasn't been reached. As for whether it exists or not, I said, I believe, this protagonist The world line with no casualties in the regiment definitely...exists!

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