Even if the beta line is dead, let it stop at the happy ending.

Kade 2022-10-08 15:39:07

I sorted out my thoughts on the completion of Shishimen 0-TV written four years ago.

In Stone Gate 0, the combination of "Amadeus+True sails" is a continuation of the spirit of Makase Kurisu in the game, and it is the key to assisting Gang Lun to reverse the beta line back to the sg line. In the TV22 episode, Amadeus chose to sacrifice like her body, Makise Kurisu.

Amadeus: Sacrificing other people is something that my Pride will not allow.

her and his sacrifice

Back in the 8th episode where everyone was crying, Keest and I discussed why the alpha line assistant had to push Gunn back to the beta line. Wouldn't Gang Lun be happier if he traded his wife's life for his childhood sweetheart's life? But I got the answer from Amadues' words: it was for her own Pride. Gun Lun made the choice she wished, but also to fulfill her.

So, on the surface, it was Kurisu who gave up his life in order to realize Gang Lun's wish (saving Mayuri), but in essence, it was Gang Lun who sacrificed his heart in order to make Hong Lisu's Pride.

her farewell

After Amadeus and Gang Lun decided to "eradicate the traces of his existence in the world from beginning to end", there is a close-up of his lips, is it Amadues' kiss? If it is, it is the same thing that Korisu did after deciding to "disappear the world line in which he lived" in this article, a goodbye kiss. Realizing this care really broke the assistant chef's heart on the spot...

(However, when I think of "Wow, this man is holding an app that kisses his wife on the screen on the street in the early morning"... I can't help laughing, I'm so split.)

his perfection

At the end of chapter 23, after the future Gang Lun explained the prompt that the previous Gang Lun entered the sg line, he took the time machine to the unmanned era tens of thousands of years ago (tens of thousands of years later?) to pick up Mayuri and the beta line. Suzuha. He said that was his final mission (of the line). But in the past, he has already turned the world to the stein gate line, so does this section actually no longer exist? So can the memory he retained from Reading Steiner and the memory of his past self be connected? In fact, it will be emptied.

Why is Beta Line Gunn going on this last time travel? Four years ago, I almost blurted out, "Does this make no sense?" but held back. I want to keep the moment when Mayuri and Suzuha looked at Oka Lun when the door of the time machine opened.

Later, a friend left a message under my impressions, saying: I think he just saved them by the way, so that the working soldiers and Dudulu on this world line can also be rescued before they end. "Salvation before the end" is very romantic and I love it.

Even if the story doesn't continue, let it stop at the happy ending.

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