Leningrad Cowboys Go America movie plot

2022-07-07 18:46
Several members of the Leningrad Cowboy Rock Band are dressed in bizarre clothes, wearing large sunglasses, hot jets, and exaggerated rocket shoes are their hallmarks. But there was no hope of success in their hometown, so they decided to go to the United States to seek opportunities. On the eve of their departure, the guitarist was frozen to death. Despite this, the team members put him in a wooden box full of ice cubes. Travel in a box. At this time, a weird mute from the same village secretly followed the band to New York. Opportunities in New York are not as plentiful as they thought, and their embarrassing life continues, and when they are desperate, they get a wedding gig from Mexico. So they used the remaining money to buy an old car from an American salesman (Jim Jarmusch) and continued to Mexico, where they had their last dream   .
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Leningrad Cowboys Go America quotes

  • Siberian Svengali: [after audition] Bullshit.

    Igor: How come?

    Siberian Svengali: No commercial potential. Go to America. They'll put up with anything there...

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