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Douglas 2022-12-17 18:35:38

I have been chasing Doctor Who for the past few years. Even paying to find old shows from 1965 from Nexflix. Doctor Who in 1960, like a strange story of afternoon tea in the Year of Destiny. The 70s started out like a bedtime story. Doctor Who now is more like a dream. I liked them all, even though the '60s stories were childish and ridiculous, and the costumes and props were crude.
A student visited me yesterday. Pro, she said, have a gift for me. Then I drew a Daleks on the whiteboard, the top edge wrote: EXTERMINATE! The bottom edge wrote: I love Daleks! I joked, did you bring Dalek to destroy my Doctor? She said: you know, It's a blessing that some creatures care about you in the deep deep deep universe.

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Asylum of the Daleks quotes

  • Amy Pond: Can't chat, working.

    Rory Williams: Really? I thought you were just pouting at a camera.

  • Rory Williams: So how much trouble are we in?

    The Doctor: How much trouble, Mr. Pond? Out of ten? Eleven.