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Faustino 2022-10-26 16:55:04

I used to think that if you know the doctor, maybe he will make your life a mess, but look at the poor people who were first caught in the fourth episode, no one rescued, no one paid attention to, and didn't know whether to live or die, so it seems that knowing the protagonist although It may end up dying for him, but it's better than passers-by who are instantly cannon fodder. This season feels a lot less human, not giving the enemy at least a second chance every time like before. For example, the second episode did not affect the indifferent and selfish businessman, but retaliated with an eye for an eye. Although the third episode did not take action personally, the bad guy realized that his life was full of evil and then committed suicide (the first episode used an old stalk and immediately turned into a ghost The story refuses to recall). But when I saw the preview of the fifth episode, I was immediately excited, and my beloved angle was about to appear again. When it first appeared, it was really used to describe it as amazing, whether it was the setting, plot, characters or something, the rain of connections, the change of personnel during the day, and the coffee that did not wait.
I found that I have always looked at doctor who with the heart of romance, especially the background of science fiction makes these feelings more profound and fateful. I burn a whole star just to see you; Madame de Pompadour waits all my life; Jane's time is a new man for an old man, I can't keep up with you and I have to stop; Every meeting of River Song A staggered timeline takes us further and further away.
Amy understands that although you are an omnipotent alien, I still choose Rory, a caring little padded jacket earthman, and become the current big winner in life. With the subtle character relationship setting, the new season can be called "Playing with Father-in-law and Mother-in-law." Monster".

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