Ascetic Colors in British Literature

Iliana 2022-07-09 23:47:36

Since junior high school, I have read a lot of British classical and modern novels, romantic and suspenseful. The BBC's movies and TV adaptations of classics are also searched as much as possible. In the end, from the beginning of desire, to obsession, to now withdrawing from the sidelines, the attitude towards this kind of British style became more and more indifferent.
So, I began to calmly analyze and summarize, and found that these widely admired novels and TV. The root cause is some "paper shackles" that maintain the British tradition of abstinence. We can see that in those stories, only women who are reserved, calm, and constantly restrain their own desires can finally achieve positive results, and those women who always reveal their true temperament and maintain enthusiasm and sensitivity to the outside world will eventually end up as a person Sideways sad end.
Many people who like Jane Austen probably know that Austen never married. But why her novels are always depicting those fascinating romantic love. Without questioning the reason for her lifelong stay in the boudoir, we only need to see from her novels that she, the eighteenth-century British novelist, expresses her Platonic view of love all the time. . In her stories, those impulsive and irrational expressions always bring unacceptable stupid consequences. Only when all desires in the heart are overcome, and when they almost reach the state of no self and no desire, love and wealth will follow.
"Beautiful Beauty" is undoubtedly a typical example of such a movie that always presents the ideal of abstinence. The Jasmine in the story is just like her name, introverted and simple, always noble and pure, it seems that her world cannot tolerate a trace of selfishness and desire. Although he almost lost control of his emotions so many times, he still took the lead in rationality, until the clouds opened and the moon was bright.
It is said that although the British are gentlemen on the surface, they are actually mean. I think this is probably a disguised vent caused by too much abstinence.

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