BBC classic "Beautiful Lady": three women in one play

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The same work and the same reader can interpret different meanings at different ages and in different moods.

When the girl was about to have a flower at 18, the half-brained milf had nothing to do and watched Wives & Daughters again, and when she looked at it, she realized that her feelings had unknowingly entered from youth. middle aged. What is the proof? Hey, I found that I can finally stop indulging in the sad spring and autumn of boys and girls, and I can try to understand that parents don't hesitate to go to great lengths for their children.

For the sake of gossip, I simply don't do it all the time, and from the perspective of a middle-aged mother, I will look at these men and women who are in the marriage market.

Based on the principle of women's priority, let's start with the girls who are to be married:

Although Molly, the daughter of a famous doctor in the small town of Molly, said that her mother died young, but fortunately, her father looked at his daughter more than himself, and leaned on him. The mother's best friends who have not yet left the cabinet take good care of them, and they are like flowers and jade.

In a hierarchical society, doctors are always in the middle class: the nobles do not need to or disdain to make a living with their abilities, and the annual royal ration is enough to maintain a considerable pomp; the families at the bottom, because the children are deprived of it when they are young The opportunity of literacy and writing (this is described in another GASKELL work, Cranford), lost the possibility of hanging a pot to save the world early; The book has its own golden house", as for "the book has its own Yan Ruyu", it was deliberately ignored by the parents. why? It's all about money. In the eyes of middle-class parents, the marriage of children is also a way to make money and accumulate wealth. Since it is a one-shot deal, whether you marry out or marry in, you can expect the more generous the dowry or dowry, the better. As for the new person behind the dowry or dowry, How you look is second, if you happen to be handsome or beautiful, it is a rare good fortune.

From this point of view, it is not difficult to understand that Jasmine's father, after discovering that the young man in his clinic had a crush on Jasmine, once again strictly enforced his professional ethics and warned the young man not to expect to eat swan meat. As a parent, who doesn't want their daughter to marry off without worry about food and clothing? Especially at a time when women rarely joined the workforce and were eating with their hands. Looking further down, Jasmine's father encouraged Jasmine to use the pocket money she usually accumulated to buy herself a beautiful dress and go to the town's senior prominent family Hamley's house to accompany the bedridden Mrs. Hamley. In good conscience, Jasmine's father must have done this from the desire to care for the patient. Of course, the Hammerlin family has two unmarried sons who are studying in Oxford, which is the most basic motivation that Jasmine's father sees.

Although this was negotiated by Father Jasmine and Mrs. Hammerlin, the innocent Jasmine was kept in the dark. Jasmine, I like this name very much, it is very similar to the character of Jasmine: pure, elegant, quiet and not publicized, even if it is attractive, it is measured step by step, so as not to overwhelm all the beauty in the moment of appearance. tossed. The so-called Jing Ruo virgin was talking about Jasmine. It was the first time that Jasmine had come to Han Molin's house when she had grown up so much. It could be seen how restrictive the grades and tutors were to young men and women in that era. Mrs. Hammerlin immediately fell in love with Jasmine. First, she was full of uncontrollable motherhood. Who let Jasmine be a child without a mother when she was young? Second, she also looked at it from the perspective of a prospective mother-in-law. Like a girl, whoever marries two sons is a blessing. Women look at women and sincerely like and appreciate them, either because their auras are similar and compatible, or because they have an eye for each other. Who wouldn't like a girl like Jasmine? During the few days at Hammerlin's house, Jasmine met with all four members of the family, old and young. Old Hammerlin was undoubtedly cute but sophisticated, but this did not prevent him from admiring Jasmine's knowledge and courtesy, the two brothers who came home from Oxford. The eldest Osborne and the second child, Roger, undoubtedly both liked Jasmine, but the poetic Osborne secretly married a French woman who was a maid without the knowledge of his parents. Get out of the marriage market. Aoshi Peng admired Jasmine and felt sorry for Jasmine. Like a most trustworthy brother, he tried his best to shield Jasmine from the wind, frost, rain and snow from any direction. If the second child is a scientific talent with excellent academic performance, he has a 200% scientific personality. If there is no strong external magnetic interference, with his slow heat and the dark fragrance of jasmine, it will always warm to one place after a long time. However, how many peach blossoms can provide a piece of pure land that can be polished and sculpted over time?

It was really a last resort for Clare to let Jasmine's stepmother Claire appear so early. why? Jasmine was staying at Han Molin's house for a few days, and her father was about to resume her chorus. This decision came very suddenly. Jasmine, who was used to living with her father, was not able to accept it for a while, but with her character of forbearance and consideration of the overall situation, Jasmine would rather put her own happiness aside for the time being, even if it was for her father, she should be happy to welcome the arrival of her stepmother, Claire.

This stepmother and stepdaughter was not the first time they met. When Jasmine was a child, she went to the dance at the house of Hollingford, a new aristocrat in the town with her mother's best friends and sisters. When Mrs. Fu saw it, she instructed her maid Ke Lai to take care of her. Ke Lai'er was obviously negligent, and she forgot to wake the child up and go home. Such a trivial matter seemed a little difficult to understand for Ke Laiwan, who was divorced and had a daughter: if it wasn't because she didn't know that the child wanted to go home when it was dark, it was probably because she was deliberately ignoring the little girl. Although Jasmine couldn't remember this childhood event for a long time, Kelai Er not only remembered it, but also immediately convinced herself that it was because of her care and care that Jasmine was able to return home with her father that night. Woman, how important it is to feel good about yourself like Claire.

Claire is undoubtedly beautiful, even after the blooming season. Compared to Kelai's appearance, his heart is obviously better: scheming is something that can't be completely eliminated, otherwise it will inevitably suffer a small loss, and it may not be a big bargain; however, if you work too hard, the cheapness in front of you will not always be worth it. As for missing out, the long-term benefits are really hard to say. When Ke Lai Er was serving Madam He Lingfu, she never forgot for a moment to find another suitable family for herself. Even if she couldn't be as graceful and luxurious as Madam He Lingfu, she could at least show her clothes to her servants. Open your mouth". Jasmine's father, who came on horseback to get rid of the illness, was simply the best candidate in front of him. As soon as the target was locked, Kelai'an used the charm of a mature beauty, half-accepting and half-rejecting, and completely subdued the father Jasmine, who had been widowed for many years. However, Father Jasmine was in a hurry this time, and it was a bit misdiagnosed: the new chords only played a beautiful tone in front of him with a "small chord like a whisper", and the rest of the big chords "noisy like a torrential rain" , all waiting to train her stepdaughter Jasmine and the rest of the servants.

The arrival of a powerful stepmother was a disaster for the meek and tolerant Jasmine. The peaceful and warm good times of the past are gone, and my father's care has been transferred. Jasmine's good quality that others praised when they saw it, was absolutely useless under the scolding of her stepmother. Even if she wanted to go out after being suppressed for a long time, she had to look at her stepmother's color. These grievances can't be told to Dad. Jasmine is too distressed for Dad, and she also knows that the stepmother in Dad's eyes is a different Kelaiyan, so continue to bear it, as long as Dad is happy, as long as the family is at peace.

3. Cynthia
Jasmine was somewhat depressed at home, but luckily Cynthia came back. Who is Cynthia? Oh, it's Claire's daughter, about the same age as Jasmine, who graduated from a French boarding school. Cynthia is so beautiful, like a butterfly flying from the sky, her wings are still fluttering, and her delicate panting came early with the fragrance of fat powder.

It has to be mentioned here that in Gaskell's time, the British (mainly English) were very unhappy with France. This is also one of the reasons why Ao Shipeng dare not disclose the marriage secret to his family. At that time, the British felt that the air in France was frivolous, that French men were all fancy, and French women were open. Well, the amorous feelings brought by Cynthia, who had been immersed in a French dye vat for several years, were simply unbearable for the women of the small town, but young men were almost irresistibly attracted, and even scientific minds were puzzled by the amorous feelings. The Ruo is also immediately smoked by the fragrance and immediately enlightened. If he was able to run a dozen miles to deliver a honeycomb to Jasmine, he didn't even think that he would scare the girl's house. This time, he finally got enlightened and picked a bunch of colorful flowers for Cynthia.

A girl like Cynthia is often cute when innocent, especially in front of more than one boy. Some things that have been developed in character, always have to be exuded in suitable occasions. I really can't accuse her of doing it on purpose. The two sisters Cynthia and Jasmine get along quite well, even better than the relationship between Cynthia and her own mother, but once the opposite sex appears in front of the two sisters, Cynthia always has to conquer one by one, like one is too possessive. Desire children, even if they enjoy themselves and do not play, they will grab them and put them in front of them, completely ignoring the empty cups and plates in front of others. Jasmine is not a showy girl. Cynthia, who loves the limelight for no reason, has a stepmother, Kelai, who always suppresses Jasmine and creates all the opportunities for her own daughter. In the small town marriage market with limited supply, she has almost become a success. Lavender woman's hidden worries. How could Jasmine, who was so simple and unfamiliar with style, know that Cynthia had such a big secret in her heart that she would almost lose her innocence in the future?

Cynthia's relationship with her mother was cold and distant. A single mother's selfishness and negligence will irreparably hurt the hearts of girls who are growing up. When Cynthia was 15 years old, she also longed for the fragrant cars, BMWs, beautiful temples, and elegant men at the social dance, and imagined herself dancing as happy and free as butterflies. Helpless, the mother has not yet thought about her daughter, and the top priority is to find a home for herself. The only way to complain is to complain that Ke Lai'an remarried too late, Cynthia matured too early, and if both mother and daughter are listed, it is self-evident who will let go first. At that time, Kelai didn't care about Cynthia, and let Cynthia rely on Preston, the housekeeper of the Crane Mansion, who was a bit talented but shy. If Kelai'er knew that Cynthia had privately made a marriage contract with Pu Laishi to get married in a few years in exchange for the temporary leniency at hand, she would not be able to feel dizzy.

Cynthia let the two brothers of her mother Zhang Luohan and Molin's family come on a blind date. Of course, the main target is the eldest son, Ao Shi Peng. You must know that once the old Han Mo Lin whimpered, the family property would belong to the eldest son, Aoshi Peng. Of course, Aoshi Peng would not be moved by Cynthia, but he did his best to care for the kind Jasmine. If he saw Cynthia's pupils, his pupils would be enlarged, and even the corner of his eyes would not be able to see Jasmine's affectionate gaze. How many people's happiness does poor Jasmine have to fulfill before she can think of herself once?

With the help of her mother, Cynthia, who is invincible in love, quietly gets engaged to Ruo, who is about to go on a scientific expedition in South Africa. Ao Shipeng has been abandoned by the snobbish Kelaier after she overheard that Ao Shipeng was suffering from an incurable disease. No one thought that if it was just a possible next family for Cynthia, if she couldn't find a more satisfactory one, it would be fine to marry him.

Three women in a play, all of them come to sing the leading role. There has to be a supporting role, who? All the men, from Father Jasmine to the young and old of the Han Molin family, finally had to bring Pu Nixie some scenes.

4. Mr. Gibson
By conscience, Jasmine's father is a good person. He practiced medicine with impeccable medical ethics and cared for patients with all his heart. This laid a good network foundation for Jasmine's family in the town. The favorite object of the old maids in the boudoir. Jasmine's father had nothing to say to Jasmine. In order to prevent his daughter from suffering from his stepmother, he did not think about continuing for many years, so that Jasmine was nurtured and cultivated to be polite and respectful. Jasmine’s father also inherited (or taught by words and deeds) some very important personalities to Jasmine: such as integrity and persistence, such as sharing worries and solving problems for others. If Jasmine’s father always faced patients with physical illnesses, what Jasmine helped later was more like patients with mental illnesses.

Jasmine's father watched Jasmine grow up day by day, and began to realize that a father alone could not completely solve the problems encountered by his daughter. When the girl is older, she needs a mother-like person to help guide her. The original intention of Father Jasmine's continuation was the same. However, like most men, when it comes to marrying a wife, Jasmine's father doesn't grow old when he grows up, so in middle age he fell in love with a boy at first sight and never got married. Because of her illness, she found a stepmother for Jasmine who was actually quite selfish.

Jasmine cherished every minute and second spent alone with her father, why didn't her father Jasmine? After the continuation, Jasmine's father put his wife first. Sooner or later, Jasmine would get married, and the rest of the days had to be spent with his new wife, Kelaiyan. Jasmine is sometimes very aggrieved, and Father Jasmine knows that, but if you are caught in the middle, if you don’t pay attention, you will lose everything. After remarrying, Jasmine's father never changed one thing: integrity and perseverance. Hence the anger towards his new wife Kelaiyan and stepdaughter Cynthia, as well as the misunderstanding and understanding towards Jasmine.

5. Squire Hanley
Old Hammerlin is a typical representative of the upper middle class. Ancestor's old book is like an old saddle, which is worn down day by day. The home is vast, and what is lacking is the money for repairs and maintenance. Where did it come from? The two sons were not married yet, so with the prestige of the Han Molin family, it should not be difficult to marry two wives with generous dowry. The reason why the old Han Molin was disappointed with his eldest son Aoshi Peng and then became angry is because Ao Shiben writes poems all day, and he can't make money with this stuff; I have a bad reputation, and I am afraid that I will not be able to marry a lady from a decent family in the future. The old Han Molin was very practical in his life. When he learned that there were still orphans behind Ao Shipeng, he proposed to bring the child back to recognize his ancestors. As for the child's mother, Ami, the widow of Ao Shipeng, a French woman, "Let her return by herself. home in France". This is quite similar to the Queen's husband in "Queen" who proposes to take his grandson out hunting after learning that Princess Diana has died in a car accident. In their eyes, love is something that cannot be ignored.

6. Osborne
is very tragic. His background did not prevent him from pursuing free air. Although in the eyes of many people his love for poetry is not worth mentioning, he has his own opinions and persistence. As the eldest son, in the eyes of others, he did not put the interests of the family in the first place, which was somewhat disappointing to his father, but how long was his life? How much is there to think about? I'm afraid it's not enough to understand these problems in a lifetime. It's better to live for yourself once when you are young, as long as you don't hurt others. Perhaps it was the poet's temperament, or the perennial worries that had hurt his body, and an early death might be the best outcome, otherwise how would the world treat him, his wife and children?

7. Roger
If it was a big boy, when he and Jasmine first met. Like most science boys, he is not a person who is good at capturing emotions, and is more suitable for being a passive attractor, following the traction of the opposite sex and advancing like a problem-solving experiment. In the face of such a reserved and serious girl like Jasmine, Ruo Li’s next move would most likely be Ruo Li, and there was a younger sister who needed to be taken care of. When Cynthia, like a whirlwind of lightning, fell from the sky, she only knew that she would hold a complete heart and dedicate it to the angel she fell in love with in the thunder and lightning, and she was ready to never leave her forever. What the big boys don't know yet is that the whirlwind lightning comes and goes fast. Before the eyes of the men are fully opened, the whirlwind lightning has already rushed to another earth-shattering date with wind and rain.

Fortunately, there is still a girl like Jasmine in the world, who sometimes approaches and sometimes moves away from her beloved in front of the glass window. If it comes, it is Jasmine's heart that is happy; if it is gone, it is also Jasmine's heart that is sad. In Jasmine's heart, there is a love that is imminent. She loves so much that she blesses him, worries about him, and cares for him. She loves so much that she bears humiliation and burdens for the people she loves, and solves the difficulties and worries of the people she loves. Jasmine’s goodness must be known only after she has been hurt and setback. Just like Jasmine’s beauty, it is looming and hazy behind the glass window. It must be understood and appreciated by those who are maturing, even if the time is long. It doesn't detract from the lasting beauty of the heart. 8. A sad character of

Preston .
Because he came from the lower classes, he was shy in his pockets. Although his appearance was decent and his talent was not inferior to others, he couldn't sell a good value in the marriage market. In love with Cynthia when she was 15 years old, she was naive enough to believe in the marriage promise of a 15-year-old girl, trying to tie her love with the most scarce and practical money. And at the moment when he finally let go of Cynthia's freedom, I was glad for him: even if he eventually married Cynthia back, there would not be more happiness but only troubles in life. May he build a marriage that at least brings happiness with his financial management ability in a society where his rank is gradually diminishing.

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