Pond couple, don't say goodbye

Nelda 2022-11-06 04:22:40

In addition to "The Doctor and Van Gogh", the one who pulled me into the DW pit is Amy's red hair, which can get rid of the sadness of saying goodbye to Xiao Shi, also because of the tall, beautiful, brave and straightforward Amelia Pond.

Amy, the little girl who was waiting, was not afraid when she saw the alien monster falling from the sky, but Shu Li warmly welcomed him and sat on the small box to wait for him.

Amy, the kiss girl who pretended to be the police, the bride who traveled on her wedding eve, the girl who married the centurion, the doctor, was her faith.

Rory, always the unfortunate one, how many times he died, maybe we don't know. At first, he always couldn't keep up with the rhythm of the doctor and Amy, and the clumsy but still trying appearance was both amusing and distressing. Stumbled along the way, he went from the little nurse who was never a doctor to the last centurion. What girl can say no to Rory, a fool who loves you forever, silently, and consistently.

Amy and Rory seem destined to be close to each other, sacrifice each other, and stay with each other. I had already guessed that they would make a choice together no matter what. Living between the daily life and the doctor's life, between the three-person life and the two-person life, between the big family and the small family, they are the smallest unit and cannot be separated.

There can also be one more person's name on the tombstone, and Amy's belief is no longer Doctor.

My Amy will always be with Rory and never say goodbye.

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Asylum of the Daleks quotes

  • Darla: The asylum. It occupies the entire planet, right to the core.

    The Doctor: How many Daleks are in there?

    Darla: A count has not been made. Millions, certainly.

    The Doctor: All still alive?

    Darla: It has to be assumed. The asylum is fully automated. Supervision is not required.

    Amy Pond: Armed?

    Darla: The Daleks are always armed.

    Rory Williams: What colour?

    [they look at Rory]

    Rory Williams: Sorry, there weren't any good questions left.

  • Oswin: [her first lines] Day 363. The terror continues. Also, made another soufflé.

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