【NuWho Recap+ Serious Score】Review the entire new version of DW before the RTD2 era begins - Season 7 and special

Jarvis 2022-11-02 06:41:37

s07e01 Asylum of the Daleks

Rating: 6/10

Amy's live commentary is a bit annoying. It's also very uh... stupid for Rory to ask what color? It starts with saying that Dalek is scared, and then says Scared isn't Dalek to Amy...the line. Magic also has CC's nonsense lines. I really think Clara's doppelganger is more interesting than the real one. Magical doesn't really know how to write emotional scenes. The scene between Amy and Rory really embarrassed me, even worse than CC. At least CC's writing is so plastic and boring that it won't embarrass me. The Clara rebellion kind of reminds me of last season's Cyberman episode. In the end, I don't understand why Dalek didn't directly kill the doctor. After all, even if I don't remember who the doctor is, the doctor is an alien. I think I liked this episode at first, and it gave me a little confidence in Magic, but soon the shadows of the first two seasons made me not have any great hopes again. I rewatched this episode and found that there are quite a few places that made me embarrassed, and I really can't watch it with my brain. When I watch it seriously, there are too many loopholes and it's ridiculous.

CC is to learn magic close-up lines

s07e02 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Rating: 5/10

One was unhappy with how Magic was shaping him on a Christmas day, so he went black to hunt down the Doctor, and then the Doctor found out that he was still the one created by Magic, so the Doctor sent him to pick up a lunch, which is the main plot of this episode. (big mistake)

Those two robots are quite funny, the master of human strokes.

There are so many characters in this episode, which perfectly predicts the situation after CC takes power, but the character creation in this episode is better than what he did in the eleventh season. Is it because Magic has changed the script? When the villain played the Triceratops, the doctor did not call No, and the points were deducted.

The core idea of ​​this episode, the Silurian ship, the villain's intentions, whatever, isn't bad. But obviously there are too many characters in this episode, so it's a bit messy, but basically they are used to the best of their ability, and there is no waste. I think this episode is pretty standard, it's a very normal DW adventure story, it's not that bad.


s07e03 A Town Called Mercy

Rating: 5/10

I really don't seem to like 11 Ren, but when I rewatched it, I really found that I have no feelings for this Ren Ren. Maybe I liked the second Ren Ren too much. In my eyes, 11 Ren is really a parody, just stupid. Unwise feeling. At the beginning of this episode, I was a little disgusted with 11 Ren, but it reminded me of 4 Ren. I still have to say that sometimes Matt Smith's acting is more awkward than Jodie's. I can accept 13 but not 11. The core idea of ​​this episode is not bad, but it doesn't touch me at all. I feel that the motivation of the characters is not natural enough. Yes, it is natural before the CC period. This episode was quite cinematic.

This episode was so beautiful

s07e04 The Power of Three

Rating: 4/10

CC really loves RTD, and the news segment is very RTD.

The scene of the trio at the beginning is actually quite good, and we discussed the pros and cons of being a doctor's companion.

The conversation between the Doctor and Amy was quite natural, but when CC took over the power itself, it became a meaningless conversation. However, it began to go downhill since the villain said the plan, but the villain's human removal plan is quite CC.

All in all, it's an unforgettable story.

CC plagiarism Closing Time

s07e03 The Angels Take Manhattan

Rating: 3/10

I think in the 13th season, CC is to learn magic special, maybe because I found that I did not succeed in copying RTD, so I copied magic special.

I'm a big fan of Magict's novel meta stuff, and the little angels, but the plot of throwing Rory into the basement is weird.

Magic's idea of ​​"it will happen once you read it" was originally used in the radio drama The Fires of Vulcan.

It is said that watching the DW of CC should not bring the brain, but I think that the DW of the magic special cannot bring the brain, and it is unreasonable to think about it seriously.

Porcelain is too much to spread the news... I don't care if I don't understand Chinese history, but how many porcelains do you need to travel to New York after so many years.

Why did Song Jiang spoil the chapter title? No reason, it's weird.

And why Rory is going into that building is very baffling.

And then the Statue of Liberty just ran to that building and no one saw it along the way? ! Then stand there without doing anything.

This episode went downhill from the time Rory and Song Jiang were taken away. And then there's something special about Rory and Amy creating the paradox... uh, season five season finale all over again?

What's the point of this play?

Magic copy himself

The Snowmen

Rating: 6/10

I don't know why, but I think CC is imitating the magic feature line.

Magict made the Santas a joke.

The fairy tale atmosphere of this episode makes me feel better, and this episode is one of the rare episodes that I can rewatch in the script written by Magicte himself during Magicte.

The paragraphs that can only be answered in one word are very fake and Sherlockian, which I quite like, but the jokes of the magic feature are really similar to CC's, the jokes of CC are not funny and the jokes of magic special are quite awkward.

Enter the TARDIS without closing the door...

Re-watching this episode, it wasn't really that good. I really liked Victorian Clara, it's a pity she wasn't a sidekick, maybe it was because of Clara that I liked this episode, but the modern Clara really disappointed me a bit.

Magical Success got me Sherlock PTSD

Is this line written by CC?

s07e06 The Bells of Saint John

Rating: 6/10

I love the idea of ​​WiFi in this episode.

I really think Doctor Who in the Magical period? There are too many points in the bridge and it's a bit awkward.

I really like the part about flying a plane, and I feel that the story of this episode is not so monotonous, although the setting of the doctor who can't fly a plane is very... The overall plot of this episode is still relatively compact, maybe I am not interested in magic special His expectation is a compact plot, but he likes emotional talk shows like chat chat chat from time to time, CC is an emotionless talk, and Magic's is a greasy talk.

After re-watching, I really don't like 11 Ren, I think I'm going to become an NMD...

I have used this as a WiFi password. Now think about the connection between this password and Clara is not very close.

s07e07 The Rings of Akhaten

Rating: 4/10

I really liked the fact that this episode showed all kinds of aliens, and I actually wish there were races that were here in the future. There are so many interesting images, why the protagonist of this episode is just a few things on the face... It's very boring.

I don't really like the whole story, especially the part of the doctor's monologue, maybe because I really don't like 11 Ren, so I'm expressionless.

I just wish DW had more scenes like this and aliens

s07e08 Cold War

Rating: 3/10

The idea of ​​Ice Warrior running out of armor is not bad, but McGonagall's script is so boring that he doesn't feel the sense of crisis at all, and the final solution is also very mechanical. Then Clara's sermons really made me roll my eyes, and the biggest flaw was showing the Ice Warrior image. This episode is also very serious Chat Chat Chat. But this set is pretty good.

I don't know why this episode made me dislike 11 at all

s07e09 Hide

Rating: 6/10

I like the idea of ​​this episode, but the monsters are really unnecessary. This episode kinda gave me a CC period feel.

Clara and the doctor talked about the life and death of the earth to the meaning of Clara and these human beings to the doctor. It was a very good paragraph until the main line was "inserted" and it was completely destroyed. Then the Doctor's one-man show in Pocket Universe got me bored.

The highlight moment of the whole season was ruined by the doctor's answer

s07e03 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Rating: 2/10

I simply love the TARDIS segment in this episode. The whole story is pretty bad, and the whole zombie-man setting is very, very bad. I think Gaiman should be in charge of this episode. Clara knows the Doctor's name and I don't accept it. The drama of the three brothers is very boring and uninteresting. And then this episode turned out to be Magic's favorite scene again, even though it wasn't a feature of Magic.

love this episode

s07e03 The Crimson Horror

Rating: 2/10

The villain played well. The plot development is very nonsensical, and the comedy is not funny.

Old film texture plus one point

s07e03 Nightmare in Silver

Rating: 3/10

I quite like the location of this episode: Cosmic Playground, although it's closed. Kind of like The Rings of Akhaten, showing the diversity of the universe, albeit a playground for humans. The fact that the doctor chose not to leave is actually a bit... OOC? There are two children, how can we make sure they are safe.

It can be seen that Gaiman is innovating Cybermen, and the upgraded idea is quite good. Maybe I really don't like the setting that Cybermen is not compatible with gold. Cyberman's bullet time scene was pretty good at first. It's kind of funny that Cyberman can do clones, but I kind of like the setting.

Mr Clever is very bad, this episode basically went downhill since Mr Clever appeared, and then the confrontation between the doctor and Mr Clever is really ugly. And Mr Clever shows too many emotions, I think it's very anti-setting, Ashad is still a half-finished product, and Mr Clever is too rich in emotions as a complete Cyber ​​Race.

I could still accept this episode back then, but now I think this episode is really boring, comparable to CC's script.

My evaluation of the magic period


This episode makes me laugh every time I watch it

s07e03 The Name of the Doctor

Rating: 2/10

Let Me Magically Black Upper Body:

Magic Broke "canon"! The doctor once said that the TARDIS was made by himself and also that it was stolen. In this episode, the magic turned the stealing TARDIS into a complete canon. I never said that, DW was destroyed, and Clara instigates the Doctor to steal another TARDIS, that's not what Gaiman said in that episode, DW is ruined. Inexplicably added the setting of the doctor's grave, and it has become the most dangerous place in the universe. Isn't this deifying/specializing the doctor? DW is ruined. The War Doctor ruined the Doctor's order and DW was ruined.

I don't like the Paternoster trio at all, I do think Karvanista, Vinder and Bel are more interesting and I prefer the latter.

The prisoner at the beginning is a tool man who doesn't even have a character design. The tool man in CC is much more interesting than that.

Some of the lines are also clunky, and they are pretty bad, just at the CC level. The performance is also very soapy and cringey.

So what is Whisperman? Magic didn't explain.

Clara jumps to the timeline and then there is no consequence... The whole setup seems to be over by jumping in Clara, but the doctor jumped in and rescued Clara in a few seconds?

I found that I didn't want to watch it anymore, and most of the script of Magicte made my heart feel calm, and I didn't care about the life and death of all the characters at all. Rewatching it I think this episode was just as bad as the Season 5 finale.

The Day of the Doctor

Rating: 4/10

For me, it's not a 50th anniversary tribute, it's better than restoring The Three Doctors in HD. I should be the only one who thinks that Maute's lines are really cringey, cheesey, and a bit convoluted. "Save the child" is really cringey, as if saying that adults deserve a lunch box, I rolled my eyes. I really don't like Matt Smith's style of acting, just the unnaturalness that looks like he's acting.

The rhythm of this episode is also weird, I can't laugh at the banter of the three doctors.

The drama of the past leaving a message to the future is really a good routine.

Osgood deduced that Zygon was pretending to be a sculpture, why should he expose it on the spot instead of taking people away.

The scene where the three doctors use a sonic screwdriver to fight off Dalek really makes me cringey every time I watch it.

The solution to the Zygon crisis I think doesn't make sense.

Time war's solution also doesn't make sense. Although Time Lord's image has always been low in IQ, I don't know why this episode makes me feel that Time Lord's IQ has broken through the bottom line again.

Oh, isn't that genocide Dalek?

I have no feelings for the fourth term, but it is suggested that the last term of the doctor is the image of the fourth term. !

In general, I'm very disappointed. I can't bear to watch it again. I want to fast-forward. There are many scenes that I think are very hypocritical.

I heard that the stack of paper is the script...

The Time of the Doctor

Rating: 4/10

Rewatching this episode actually felt better than I remembered. I still didn't like this episode though, especially Clara convincing Time Lord the scene was really good...not convincing. And then the part of Dalek and Dr. chat chat chat is very slow and boring. Then Time Lord was moved to extend his life to the Doctor? That's it? This is to continue to live? And then the episode where the rebirth energy destroys Dalek really rolled my eyes and cramped. And then I don't like the pre-rebirth scenes either, just chat chat chat, and Amy's clips don't feel good either. I don't have an emotional connection with Handles at all, I think his shows are boring. What is the meaning of the angel's appearance? It's not as annoying as I remember, but I'm definitely not going to watch this episode again.

For a moment I thought they were going to kiss


An Adventure in Space and Time

Rating: 10/10

I can't believe it's McGonagall's script, this is the real 50th anniversary gift, see me in tears. Basically the entire episode is the DW history of one actor, combined with the story of one, I am very moved as a fan (of course, my favorite is still the second one). The emotional expressions of the main characters are sufficient but not excessive. The ups and downs that Verity encountered as the first female producer and the accomplishments she finally achieved through tempering, and the rare minority directors of Waris all demonstrated the inclusiveness of DW at the beginning. Although each character's farewell to DW is quite sad, there are many clips that hint that they are still full of hope for the future after leaving DW. In short, the 50th anniversary should be the time for this film to go to theaters.

My assessment of the CC period

overall evaluation:

Rating: 4/10

I may have experienced the "baptism" of the first two seasons, and I no longer have expectations for Magic, so the initial impression of this season is good. Rewatching it, I can understand why this season has bad reviews, and now I also think this season is pretty bad (of course, it may be that I rewatched a few episodes of this season while chasing 13 seasons), but this season feels very different, even if the characters develop Basically not, but as a season of time and space adventure story collection is actually not bad, you don't need to read it too much.

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