Doctor Who 2005: Four Stages of Life

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In the 2005 new version of "DOCTOR WHO", the 9th Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston, was an angry warrior from the very beginning, full of grief for the loss of his homeland and his family, and the enemy who caused all these evil consequences— —Daleks and myself — the rage. However, the encounter and common adventure with fellow human Rose Tyler gradually changed him. Rose's words and deeds calmed his grief, anger and disappointment little by little without knowing it, making him slowly regain his calmness and self-control, no longer lost. This is also an important reason why Rose occupies a very special place among all the new versions of human companions.

Along with the 9th Doctor who willingly chose self-sacrifice in order to save the earth and fellow human beings, a more wise, gentle, compassionate and understanding doctor who is easy to be trusted and capable of leadership has emerged from the rebirth. David Tennant, the actor of the 10th Doctor, has injected his own character advantages into the Doctor. He is good at connecting with others. He is mature, tolerant, and unconsciously convincing. It shows the Doctor as a wise man and a protectionist. the side of the person. Correspondingly, the storyline of seasons 2-4 also presents a rich human touch and profound historical background. It can be said that David Tennant forged the soul of the new Doctor in 2005, and the evolution started by Christopher Eccleston has been successfully completed.

However, the mature Doctor still experienced a heavy loss, and even though he always smiled and right, that sadness always lingered around him. He chose the 10th Doctor who remembered all his losses and mistakes, and was unexpectedly strong and fragile. His fellow human beings brought him new hope, but also new loss and pain. "Am I doing it right?" He kept torturing himself, asking about the insurmountable rules and boundaries, and constantly making difficult choices in the conflict between human nature, time and space, and rules.

The appearance of the survivor Master in the episode "Last of Time Lord" is the biggest test for the Doctor. The love for the tribe, the responsibility for the earth, the protection of the companions, when they conflict with each other, what should the Doctor do? This was a shock and a test of all the tenth Doctor's principles and perseverance. The Doctor who had experienced all this was unprecedentedly exhausted, showing the look in his eyes that he was about to give up everything.

However, despite this, he still smiled and argued "I don't want to go" before leaving, as if it was still the original appearance, to reassure the people around him.

David Tennant interprets the doctor with the most human depth and emotional warmth, and is also the most touching, embarrassing, constantly recalling, nostalgic, and wanting to learn about the doctor.

Professor River Song, who appeared before the end of the 10th Doctor, is a mysterious woman from the future of the Doctor, but sacrificed her life to save others and prevent the Doctor from dying. "My love, my past, is your future. I'm sorry, my love can't accompany you to the end of time." - This is the best portrayal of River Song's sad and joyful life. Unable to respond to this affectionate doctor who has not yet met, she can only watch her reminiscing about the last time with her lover, pretending to be strong and leaving the world full of sadness. It's almost like a tragic prophecy of the 10th Doctor's innermost being touched, peeled, and scarred for the final battle.

The departure of David Tennant's 10th Doctor is full of heaviness, and his relieved smile can only make people more sad. It is precisely because of this sense of heaviness that it indicates that the reborn Doctor will choose a completely different path to face his long life.

Once I chose to forget, refused to be heavy, and made up my mind to be reborn to the end of the game.

Matt Smith endowed the 11th Doctor with his trademark machine-gun speech rate and perpetually dancing demeanor, his completely innocent face, and his ridiculous inability to establish normal relationships with others, perfectly embodying this Doctor's choice.

After the previous maturity, the 11th Doctor chose the most childish way and rejected the whole world in order to escape time and pain. The companions he chooses are surprisingly similar: energetic, but unaware of responsibility, often shunning serious topics. However, as the adventure progresses, the Doctor and his companions change and grow again.

The story of seasons 5-7 is probably the most dazzling adventure since the beginning of the new edition, full of childlike innocence and childishness, and has also won the widest audience, expanding from the United Kingdom to various countries around the world. Although critics felt that compared to previous seasons, the emotional depth seems to be lacking. And this shortcoming is exactly in line with the characteristics of the 11th Doctor who chose to escape faster and faster.

However, there are always people and events that the 11th Doctor cannot escape. Such as River Song, such as Owen Craig, such as Clara who can speak faster than Matt Smith, their presence and participation in the life of the doctor gradually catalyzed his re-growth, making him slowly return to himself, at the end of the journey Show courage, wisdom and love for peaceful coexistence, never cowardly, never cruel, and keep the oath doctor side.

"The Time of the Doctor" is the most perfect curtain call for the 11th Doctor, and the various aspects are finally integrated into one. The end of this time also heralds the beginning of a completely unexpected rebirth.

Peter Capaldi, who once played the humorous Pompey merchant in the story of the 10th Doctor, has finally become a dangerous 12th Doctor after many years. At the end of the rebirth, his eyes and expressions were full of viciousness. In just a few seconds, Peter Capaldi used his speechless demeanor to accurately show that this special reborn doctor had changed from strangeness, confusion, confusion to the surrounding environment and human companions. The whole process from looking at it to making a decision made the audience full of confusion, surprise and expectation for him.

Perhaps, these four doctors with different styles reflect the lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat's understanding of different stages of life and different moods, and are the best interpretation of the long life of the last time lord, the special creature, the Doctor. .

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