Ye yan behind the scenes gags

2022-07-11 17:42
  • Nude photo incident: Zhang Ziyi 's stand-in Shao Xiaoshan and Huayi Brothers had a stand-off over the "naked photo incident" (the issue of authorship rights). Shao Xiaoshan said that no matter how Huayi Brothers reacted, she had achieved the purpose of publicity: "Now the whole world knows that the back is My, that's fine."
  • Zhou Xun had to show her entire back when filming a passionate scene with Daniel N. Wu and Dan. In the low temperature of minus 30 degrees, her lips were frozen blue. Zhang Ziyi stayed by her side during the transition, caring for her.
  • During the intense filming of " Battle of Wits ", Andy Lau took a break from his busy schedule and visited Xiaogang Feng who was filming "The Banquet" and the crew in private. When he learned that Daniel N. Wu and Dan wanted to eat KFC, he immediately sent an assistant to buy it to console Daniel N. Wu and Dan.
  • Ge You visits director Xiaogang Feng in Anji. Ge You expressed regret when watching the shooting of the fight scene: "I told Master Yuan just now that all the martial arts scenes filmed in Anji have nothing to do with us. Because I don't know martial arts or fight. They are all worried about how to let me show my hand."
  • Ge You, however, was repeatedly asked by reporters how he felt about working with Zhang Ziyi: "Zhang Ziyi is very fierce in the play."
  • Director Feng commented on Zhang Ziyi's contribution to his overseas market development: "The Banquet is because of Zhang Ziyi and Woo Ping Yuen, so many filmmakers lined up to watch it at the film festival. The film, I would like to meet Zhang Ziyi." It is understood that the overseas sales of "The Banquet" have fully recovered the cost, and Director Feng said that every penny of the domestic box office is already a profit.
  • In the film, Tan Dun not only served as the producer of the film's music, but also gave his "screen debut". In the film, Tan Dun played the role of a musician, and finally replaced the prince and died at the hands of the assassin. When filming the song "Yueren Song " while standing on the ladder in the Kaji Hall, although he didn't act much, Tan Dun was sitting there playing with his musical instruments in a very good condition, and the filming was quite smooth.
  • The theme song of the film was sung by Jane Zhang, and Huayou Century and Huayi Brothers spent tens of millions of dollars to sign Jane Zhang.
  • When the film was screened in some cities, a "laughter incident" occurred, mainly from the role of Emperor Li played by Ge You. Xiaogang Feng was very puzzled as to why Ge You's affectionate interpretation of Emperor Li would cause the audience to laugh   .
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