dust of time

Sharon 2022-12-26 07:39:18

Remember my name.

. Coincidentally, it was also spoiled before watching it, so it was not very shocking later. TT
Amilia said, please don't be too nice to me
Doctor: It will always be nice. TT

I know that you are that girl. Run.
Remember my name.


Because I have lived a long life and I've seen a few things. I walked away from the Last Great Time War, I marked the passing of the Time Lords, I saw the birth of the universe and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment until nothing remained. No time, no space. Just me. I've walked in universe where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a madman. I've watched the universe freeze and creations burn. I have seen things you would not believe. I have lost things you have never understood. And I know things, secrets that must never be told, knowledge that must never be spoken.

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Asylum of the Daleks quotes

  • Amy Pond: Can't chat, working.

    Rory Williams: Really? I thought you were just pouting at a camera.

  • Rory Williams: So how much trouble are we in?

    The Doctor: How much trouble, Mr. Pond? Out of ten? Eleven.